Texas Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development


Mission Statement

Texas Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, a specialty division of the Texas Counseling Association and a state division of Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, is an organization of professional counselors in different settings: in schools, in private practice, in agencies, counselor educators and supervisors, and graduate students in counseling.

In order to better serve children, adults, teachers and society in general, TexAMCD provides leadership for the cognitive and effective development of culturally competent professional counselors, who are TexAMCD members, professional counselors, counselor educators, and /or counselors-in-training.

The Association is organized to carry out this mission through elected officers, a board, committees, and members.


On September 6, 1975, Robert L. Clayton, President of the Association of Non-White Concerns (ANWC), a division of the American Personnel and Guidance Association (APGA), sent letters to members of ANWC in Texas requesting their permission to serve as members of a task force to pass the word that there would be a special event schedule for the TPGA meeting in Brownsville, Texas in October 1975.

ANWC members in Texas and others interested in becoming charter members of TexANWC met for a “Rainbow Breakfast” on Thursday, October 6 at the Valley Inn at 7:00 a.m. during the 1975 TPGA Conference. Bob Clayton discussed the requirements for receiving a charter from ANWC. Among those present were Gloria Paige, Flora D. Nauls, Opera Anderson, Margaret Etchinson, Alice Cox, Allie Hillard and Doris Howard. Plans were made to establish a Texas division of ANWC by the 1977 APGA Convention in Dallas.

Gloria Paige, Department of Education at Texas Southern University, contacted Dr. John McQuary, President of TPGA and the Board of Directors for their endorsement and to obtain the necessary information for becoming a state division. During the 1976 TPGA Convention, the TexANWC Interest Group met on Thursday, October 14 in room #1037 of the Sheraton Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas. The purpose of the meeting was to solicit charter members for the state division. Twenty-seven persons were present. The interim officers selected were: president, Gloria Paige; President-elect, Dr. I. C. Gordon; and secretary/treasurer, Flora D. Nauls. Committee chairs included: membership, Alex Prince; and Bylaws, Doris Anderson.

Flora D. Nauls reported that TPGA Senate voted to accept TexANWC as a state division pending the presentation of the membership roll and the proposed Bylaws by December 1, 1976. Members writing the proposed Bylaws were Doris Anderson, Margaret Etchinson, Allie Hillard, Sarah Burnett, Mazie Mack, Flora D. Nauls and Mattiegene Fowler.

Gloria Paige sent all necessary documents to the TPOGA Board of Directors and the ANWC Council. TexANWC received its charter during the ANWC luncheon in Dallas on March 8, 1977.

The 1977 TexANWC Convention officers were:

President: Gloria Paige 

President-elect: Dr. I. C. Gordon

Secretary: Opera Anderson

Treasurer: Flora D. Nauls

Regional Directors:

Ila Simon
Richard Glass
Albert Lincoln

The name TexANWC was changed to TexAMCD in 1986 when TPGA, APGA and ANWC names were changed.

Texas Association of Non-white Concerns Personnel and Guidance

Charter Members

Lillie B. Allen
Houston, Texas 

Doris Anderson
Houston, Texas 

Opera Anderson
Tyler, Texas 

Michael J. Balint
San Antonio, Texas 

Hayward Brown
Houston, Texas 

Faye Bryant
Houston, Texas 

Dr. Eura O.L. Burks
Prairie View, Texas 

Alice Cox
Dallas, Texas 

Mozelle J. Daniels
Henderson, Texas 

Irvine E. Epps
Houston, Texas 

Margaret J. Etchinson
Brownsville, Texas 

Mattiegene W. Fowler
Brownsville, Texas 

Dr. Angelo C. Gilli, Sr.
Houston, Texas 

Dr. I. C. Gordon
Prairie View, Texas 

Freddie Guess (deceased)
Houston, Texas 

Thelma R. Hall
Omaha, Texas 

Emma Jean Harrell
Houston, Texas 

Augustus Harris
Jefferson, Texas 

Allie Hillard
Dallas, Texas 

Vererly Houston
Dallas, Texas 

Doris Howard
Texas City, Texas 

Johnnie C. Jackson
Houston, Texas 

Cheryl Johnson
Missouri City, Texas 

Gloria F. Jonson
Houston, Texas 

Walter Kay
Missouri City, Texas 

Dr. Jamesanna Kirven
Austin, Texas 

Mazie Mack
Freeport, Texas 

John Mathis
Victoria, Texas 

Retha A. Mc Daniel
Beaumont, Texas 

Verlie A. Mitchell
Port Arthur, Texas 

Dr., Nita Moorehead
Tyler Texas 

Imelda Munoz
San Antonio, Texas